Surge in assaults on journalists in Egypt since fall of Mubarak regime

According to a study by the Almasry Studies and Information Center hundreds of journalists have been attacked in Egypt since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.  The study revealed that 309 journalists have been attacked in the last two years, including 3 murders.  Other journalists have been shot, beaten, sexually assaulted, and had cameras and other news equipment snatched from them.

The authors of the study believe that there have been many more cases which they were unable to document.  Most attacks are attributed to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic movement founded in Egypt in 1928 which is known for engaging in violence. Prior to the Arab Spring, only one journalist had been murdered in Egypt since 1992.  In the last 70 years, thirteen journalists have died in the country while reporting the news. (Edited from
  Eric Pohos/Journalism for Development/
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