Internationally renowned television journalist Barbara Walters to retire

The brilliant career of American television journalist Barbara Walters will apparently come to an end.  ABC reported late Sunday that Walters, who is 83 years of age, will retire in the summer of 2014.

More than a half century ago she began her work in TV journalism as a reporter, writer, and panelist on the morning program “Today.” In 1974, she became co-host of that program. Walters was the first female network anchorwoman and has interviewed every president and first lady since the Nixons.

In 1984, she began co-hosting and serving as a correspondent on the television news magazine show “20/20.” Walters has also become a TV icon because of two programs she hosts: “The Barbara Walters Specials” and “10 Most Fascinating People.” Recently, Walters has suffered from a number of health issues.  At the age of 80, she had surgery to repair a heart valve.

Even though she will no longer continue her TV journalism duties after the middle of next year, she will continue in her position as Executive Producer of the talk show “The View,” a television she created in 1997.  Walters is expected to make an official announcement on her impending retirement on that program this Monday.

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