3 may World Press Freedom Day

Press release, April 30, 2012

Globe International, a Mongolian NGO is marking the 2012 WPFD under slogan New Voices: Media Freedom Helping to Transfer Societies accepting the UNESCO concept for the WPFD.

“Media freedom in Mongolia is challenging. It is not yet powerful to make the changes in the society. In order to contribute to greater democracy, media should play a leading role, but  Mongolian media cannot be independent, free and fair because it is driven by politicians, high officials and rich businessmen closely linked to the powers who own almost all media. Journalists suffer from high editorial and self-censorship.  That is why we are seeking the public support to fight against political agenda in media” said Kh.Naranjargal, Globe International President.

Globe International has launched an online discussion on these topics at www.globeinter.org.mn on April 10, 2012 and outcomes will be presented to the round table by discussion facilitators: D.Narantuya,  Deputy director of News Agency, J.Batbaatar, Head of Journalism Department of University of Education, Ph.D and D.Tserenjav, Media expert.

We are planning two events. Round table discussion and 2012 Media Freedom Award.

Globe International in cooperation with Press Institute and Confederation of Mongolian Journalists is organizing the round table: New Voices: Media Freedom Helping to Transfer Societies on May 1, 2012 at 14.30 in the Conference Hall of OSF, Mongolia. Round table will discuss a wide range of media freedom issues under the topics: Media Freedom Has the Power to Transform Societies, Difficulty in the Access to Quality Information Undermines Media Freedom and : Challenges to Media in a New Environment.

Mrs. Sezin Sinanoglu, the UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Andrea Cairola, UNESCO, Beijing and G. Jargalsaikhan, UNESCO National Commission of UNESCO are having opening remarks.  Guest speaker is an American lawyer Sigurd Sorenson from International Senior Lawyers’ Project (ISLP).

At the end of the round table, the organizers will introduce the UNESCO Coaching Manual for media support during elections translated for the up-coming Parliamentarian elections on June 28, 2012.

In total, 50 people representing media, NGOs, government and journalism schools are expected to attend the round table.

At 18.30 on May 1, Globe International is organizing the Media Freedom Award ceremony Silk Road restaurant. This year the Award goes to a female journalist T.Danaasuren from “Khongor” local television in Bayankhongor provinve. On 3 January 2012, she and cameraman J.Tuvshintulga, were assaulted while covering incidents between small local mining entrepreneurs and guards from the “Special Mines” company, following local residents" complaints. When the television crew entered the premises of the company to obtain clarification on those incidents, the company guards approached them, insulted them using abusive language, gave death threats, and repeatedly stuck their truncheons into the journalist`s face. The guards then seized their camera and detained the television crew in a cold ger (Mongolian traditional dwelling) for two hours. All images on the camera were deleted.  In addition, the camera was damaged during the fight between the cameraman and the guards.

The events are sponsored by the UNESCO, Beijing, the USA Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Media Network Program of the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Forum, Mongolia.
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