Happy New Year to all journalists!

Naughty cool wind left its fine painting on the window. The New Year is sending its silver greeting to all through the country, covered with beautiful snow. Shiny snowflakes are saying “Happy New Year!” to everyone.
Hello, 2011! The New Year will bring a new decade of rapid development in the country. Journalists are expecting a wave of change, will be brought by the new decade.

Since it was established on April 19, 2010 the Journalism for Development NGO has organized several trainings and workshops, including three short training for UB journalists, a workshop in the Omnogovi province for the Gobi journalists and travel in abroad to introduce international capital market. More such trainings will be organized in the next year. We will take journalists to the world famous news agencies to exchange professional experience and skills.

We believe that for you, young journalists who are thinking about success and mistake in 2010 at this moment, a great willingness to bring positive impact in society is more important than simple paper certificate. Wish you all the bests, success and luck!
АНХААРУУЛГА: Та сэтгэгдэл бичихдээ хууль зүйн болон ёс суртахууны хэм хэмжээг хүндэтгэнэ үү. Хэм хэмжээ зөрчсөн сэтгэгдэлийг админ устгах эрхтэй.

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